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Bare Arms EP

Todays download is an awesome five track EP from Bare Arms, a now defunct but super great all the same Sydney punk band. Bare Arms played bass driven hardcore punk/screamo that frequently changed up between a ragingly epic sonic assault and softer, more restrained passages that allowed the band to let their quieter intricacies show.

Bare Arms featured members of The Thaw and When Chimps Attack.

1. The Refrain
2. In The End, We're All Dead

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Baryshnikov - Demo

The local music landscape is littered with so much super derivative, instantly forgettable music. "WE SOUND LIKE PROPAGANDHI!" they scream. "CHECK US OUT IF YOU LIKE JAWBREAKER!" they yell. You start thinking to yourself that what they're describing sounds like something that you might be into and you give it a forward a month or two later and you're picking up the dusty, cracked jewel case from the front seat of your car/living room floor and disposing of it.

Our free music download today is from none such band!

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Chaos Kids - Self Titled (7")

Our man Bosma has sent us along this great slab of free music from Chaos Kids, a 7" they released last year + a previously unreleased song (an exclusive?). Anyway, they're a great Melbourne two piece and Etta and Nellie from the band gave us some wordage about the songs, which was terribly sporting of them.

Track 1 - My Mind
NELLIE: This was one of the first songs Etta bought to the table... and might I say I was very impressed! She is awesome at writing songs when she actually does it, but that happens rarely because she always forgets we are in a band and need new songs.

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Shadow League - Ghosts in Our Sails (Album)

Hullo there! Today we have another piece of something special for you all. It's a Melbourne band called Shadow League, and here's their album Ghosts in Our Sails to hit you in the face with a mighty wallop of goodness. As usual, right click and save on a song title to GET DA SONG. Here's Dave from the band to give you all a rundown:

We play folk/punk/rock and have been around for a few years but this is our first release as a 3 piece.

The self recorded album features backups from Wil Wagner (Of Smith Street Band fame) and Lucy Wilson.

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Foxtrot - The Bottom Line (EP)

[i]Why, hello there chaps and chappettes, welcome to another fine edition of Duderocket's FREE MUSIC FRIDAY, where not only is the music for free but it's also Friday. How can you argue with that?

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Spilt Milk - Justin Time (Demo)

I'm very excited about today's Free Music Friday as I don't think these songs have ever been available online before. This is the first demo tape released by the Western Sydney punk band Spilt Milk. I first heard of this band when I was in Year 11 at school... some guys at school had their own band called 'Linoleum' and they did a cover of a Spilt Milk song (The Simpsons) at school during lunchtime once. I thought it was the best thing ever, and one of the guys in the band told me it was by this band called Spilt Milk. Anyway, I managed to get my hands on a copy of a demo tape after that and I listened the absolute shit out of it. I thought it was the greatest thing ever.

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The Bernie Lomax Five - Shane (Demo)

The Bernie Lomax 5 is a band I'm in, and this is a (mostly) unreleased demo that we recorded in 2009. The four songs were older songs that had missed out on being recorded for our other two CDs, so we were keen to get these recorded in some form before we lost interest in them altogether. As a result, these songs are mostly of the punkish/rock n roll variety, written before the band got a bit more ambitious about songwriting. We intended to sell this CD for about $2 or to just give it away, but I think I only made up about 20 copies before we stopped bothering. Some randoms out there have copies of it, but other than that it's mostly just been available in online form.

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Extra Limb - Demo

Extra Limb were a Sydney punk band that formed around 1999 and kicked some rad jams for at least seven or eight years after that. Maybe longer! Vocalist/bassist Alex 'Party Cat' Sepansky now sings and plays guitar on his own, but he was party-happy enough to give Duderocket permission to offer the following 2006 demo tracks for free download, and he also kindly wrote a song guide for your reading pleasure. (Right click and save to get each one).

1. Out Of My Head
This song was written about my little brother. It was the first in a series of songs I wrote for him. Almost every band I’ve been in that I’ve sung for I’ve tried to dedicate one to him. Not really sure why.

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Game Over - Shotgun (EP)

A couple of weeks ago we put up the first EP from Melbourne pop punkers Game Over, and now to usher a whole new year of Duderocketing we've made their second EP Shotgun available as well. As with the first EP, vocalist Adam most bodaciously gave us permission for these MP3s to ride the free eRainbow into your homes or mobile phones.

Right click and save yo!

1. If I Were You
2. Filter

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Best music of 2011 mix!

For today's FREE MUSIC FRIDAY I have uploaded a mix of awesome tunes from various albums that were released in 2011. It has been an incredible year for music and I feel it is important to celebrate all the great shit that was released! I am not going to type out a track list so that it will be a surprise (and also because I can't be bothered).

Click here to download the mix!