MARCH OF THE REAL FLY - Mystery (To You)

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March of the Real Fly are an indie pop band from the Blue Mountains, NSW who play jangly, lo-fi, infectious indie pop music. The two tracks available for download make up their most recent release, the Mystery (To You) CD single.

Camm from the band wrote a little bit about each song, just kinda where they're coming from and what they're singing about and shit like that... you know:

Mystery (To You)
For a time, when I met people I wouldn't tell them what I did for a living, or how old I was (and I mean who the hell cares about those things anyways). I just thought it much more interesting to not know. Who wants to be put in a box right? Can't we just talk about where you got that sweet dress from? Blue, with brown buttons all the way down, and little red flower print on it. "Summer Hills Vinnies" she says and then we hi five.
Download 'Mystery (To You)'

I was reading through the bit in The Bible where Jesus dies on the cross. All these crazy things happen! Like a bunch of dead people burst out their graves and start walking around! I know! Zombies!! How is it that no one ever pointed this out to me before? That there was real zombies in The Bible!... Definitely something they should have broached in Sunday School.
Download 'Zombies!'

Their facebook page can be found here.

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Re: MARCH OF THE REAL FLY - Mystery (To You)

I dig it! I think the 2nd song is my favourite.

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Re: MARCH OF THE REAL FLY - Mystery (To You)

There's a couple of shows this week. Good God on Thursday, and Kings X hotel on Saturday.