Golden Bats - I (EP)

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Brisbane guitar god Geordie (of Dick Nasty/Teargas infamy) has swished us a copy of his solo project Golden Bats for this Friday's Free Music extravaganza. It's heavy pulse-pumping stuff, and I highly recommend it if you want to slowly rock out in your computer chair in an intense dirge-like manner. Anyway, Geordie provided us with the goods on each song from the first EP. As usual, right click and save on each song title.

Wooden City
I wanted to do something different lyrically with this project. I love hateful sludge stuff like Eyehategod but the reality is that I'm in a pretty good place with my life, and while plenty of shit pisses me off I'm not the angry young man I used to be. Or that young. I like a lot of doom stuff but don't like fantasy stuff and don't really want to be a 32 yr old man singing about fairies and dragons. So I went the other nerdy way and decided to sing about sci-fi books and other dorky shit I love. This one is inspired by Inverted World by Christopher Priest, which I totally recommend.

Shooting Scars
I didn't want this project to have too much stuff I couldn't replicate live, if I did shows. So the main guitars and bass are all recorded live with splitters, an octave pedal and some fuzz. Eventually I decided to do some leads and noisy stuff that I wouldn't be able to do live. Fuck it. They're too much fun to record. So this one has a lead I recorded with a fuzz pedal, three phasers, two delays and two amps. It was the most fun I had recording this EP, so they'll be more of that kinda shit in the future.

Scratching At The Door
This is probably my favourite song on this EP but most people prefer the next one. It was, like the previous two songs, inspired lyrically by science fiction stories, as I am what my girlfriend calls a massive nerd. This one was inspired by a short story written by Philip K Dick, my fave writer, who never ceases to amaze me.

Poison Arrows
This one was inspired by reading about the Mongolian army hurling plague ridden bodies over the wall during a siege to infect the enemy within. Horrid, wonderful stuff. I've always wanted to do a slow fade out so that's a box ticked as well. I don't know where this project is going really as without collaborators I'm kinda just left to my own devices. I guess I'm just aiming for slow and heavy (most of my previous bands have been fairly fast). I'm reluctant to name my main inspirations bands-wise as I reckon they'd make my shit sound shit.