Gay Paris - Skeleton Demos

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Gay Paris are a debauchcore blues-tinged band from Sydney who sport colossal beards with a colossal partying attitude. Today we've got their first demo up for free download today, and vocalist W H Monks got stuck into some backstory for us so you can understand where they're coming from with these awesome swampy rock tunes. Right click and save on the title to get the tunage!

Track 1 – Deadrie Fell’s Dog Park Blues
When we started this godsawful train-wreck of a band, I had a certain sense of cosmogony in mind when I was writing the lyrics, as well as a feeling that we, as a world-wide society/culture were letting a lot of things go to waste. In particular I was addressing my concern with the state of art and appreciation thereof –it’s so goddamn easy to find something new, but even with the awesome invention of illegal downloads and youtube (vimeo if you want to ogle the dudes from Totally Unicorn’s junk), people still tend to take on board what they get on Television or radio. Shit, maybe things are different now, but I was newly bald and very upset.

Deadrie was to be the titular character for our first record, The Skeleton’s Problematic Granddaughter, which is a wild analogical examination of and argument against how I perceive art to be appreciated. She represents art and malaise, as well as a hot broad that falls in with a murderous, anthropomorphic time travelling wolf. This was the first song that was written (I think, it’s been far too many drinks) for the record and shaped the lyrical direction for the rest of the album, though looking back, I think that at some point TSPG became the Future Wolf record.

Musically, we were coming out of being in a much heavier band (well, a different kind of heavy) and this was the first time that we began to experiment with a bluesier sound. I still think that this is the closest we got to writing a blues song on the first record – that’s not to say that this is the blues. Fuck, what would the purists do if I said that? Hi, purists! Lighten up.

Track 2 – House Fire In The Origami District
Okay, so I said that Deadrie was where we started to get into the blues, well this was where we thought ‘oh shit! Rock n’ roll is fun’! Hip shaking is an important part of Gay Paris now and this song helped us get there. By this point we were deliberately looking at writing songs that were fun as well as technical – this is where we began to strip back, but also where I think we began to understand that song writing is more than slamming a bunch of cool riffs together.

Having said that, the lyrical matter was still completely invested in being a monster of highfalutin imagery, full of murder, high culture and possibly an inter-species ‘love scene’. I guess it was a way of saying that ‘sure, we pay lip service to supporting the arts, we have all kinds of agencies that apparently provide patronage, be it through funding or teaching and so on, but our experience of it tends to be homogenized’.

This has been WH Monks, possibly the most self congratulatory wanker that has ever been asked to write about his band’s songs. Enjoy the demos, find the torrents, download the album.